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Are you wondering what could be the difference of lithium and the lead acid battery in an electric golf trolley? Probably you have the idea, but you need to know some facts that can help you decide on what to buy. It could be the lead acid battery golf trolley is affordable, however quite heavy to handle compared to the lithium battery electric golf trolley that is light weight and very easy to handle. Those are some of the things that you may know about the two kinds of batteries.

But here are the important things to remember about the lithium and lead acid battery for an electric golf trolley:

It is important that you do not mix the use of the charger to each kind of battery. You cannot use the charger of a lead acid battery to the lithium battery and vice versa. It can cause damage to the property and even a person’s injury. And by not following the correct instruction, it may cause permanent damage to the product.

Make sure to follow the instructions when using the lithium or the lead acid battery. They have different specifications so make sure that you follow what it tells there on how to maintain it for longer lasting use.

Commonly the voltage of the lead acid battery is 12V and the capacity is 20 Ampere hours. But this could not be exactly it is. The discharge tester can be used to know the capacity of lead acid battery.

When the lead acid battery is being discharged, there is sulphate that it contains that will be produced. And if the battery is not going to be recharged the soonest time the battery may fail prematurely.

The common reason why people choose lithium battery is because of its weight unlike the lead acid battery.

The lithium electric golf trolley can cover up to 27 holes or up to 36 holes for those new ones.

The lithium electric golf trolley as well is reliable, maintenance free and long lasting, however more expensive than the lead acid battery golf trolley. You can go to this website: for a wise choice of lithium electric golf trolley.

There are only a few complaints about lead acid battery golf trolleys. Some complaints are about the sulphation on battery plates. Sulphate is produced if the battery is not being maintained properly. This means that it is still proper use of the battery should look after.

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